Friday, July 29, 2016

Find the minimum cost to reach destination using a train

There are N stations on route of a train. The train goes from station 0 to N-1. The ticket cost for all pair of stations (i, j) is given where j is greater than i. Find the minimum cost to reach the destination.
Consider the following example:
cost[N][N] = { {0, 15, 80, 90},
              {INF, 0, 40, 50},
              {INF, INF, 0, 70},
              {INF, INF, INF, 0}
There are 4 stations and cost[i][j] indicates cost to reach j 
from i. The entries where j < i are meaningless.

The minimum cost is 65
The minimum cost can be obtained by first going to station 1 
from 0. Then from station 1 to station 3.

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