Saturday, February 18, 2012

Balanced Partition [DP] / Tug of War

You have a set of n integers each in the range 0 ... K. Partition these integers into two subsets such that you minimize |S1 - S2|, where S1 and S2 denote the sums of the elements in each of the two subsets.

Variation 1:
Given a set of integers, the task is to divide it into two sets S1 and S2 such that the absolute difference between their sums is minimum.
If there is a set S with n elements, then if we assume Subset1 has m elements, Subset2 must have n-m elements and the value of abs(sum(Subset1) – sum(Subset2)) should be minimum.
Variation 2:
Given a set of n integers, divide the set in two subsets of n/2 sizes each such that the difference of the sum of two subsets is as minimum as possible. If n is even, then sizes of two subsets must be strictly n/2 and if n is odd, then size of one subset must be (n-1)/2 and size of other subset must be (n+1)/2.